Mississippi Son

an award winning documentary feature film lending a voice to the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katina (93 min.)


Director's Statement

After months of hard work and the unbelievable dedication of our crew, the story of the Katrina ravaged Mississippi Coast is ready to be told. This was a painful film to make and as I walked amongst the ruins of what was my hometown I realized the future of this once magnificent place was in trouble. So much attention has been focused on New Orleans and the levee breaks there, but the blunt force of the nation's worst natural disaster was focused squarely on the Mississippi Coast. All that is left in many once incredibly beautiful places are slabs and twisted rebarb. As the process unfolds and more people have the opportunity to see this labor of love, I encourage all to comment and pass the word along that these people need our love and support. One last thing....all of the music in this film was written and performed by Katrina victims and much of it was produced on musical gear donated by MusiCares and Music Rising. And, in my humble opinion, it is a fantastic soundtrack.

Don Wilson, Director


don wilson
leslie wilson
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