Mississippi Son

an award winning documentary feature film lending a voice to the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (93 min.)

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Powerful medicine.

Lori in Bay St. Louis


I saw your story on WLOX 13 last night. I have just moved back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My wife, Alicia and I lived in Pass Christian MS when Katrina hit. Like many others, we lost our house. We did buy a small trailer, move it to the house site and rebuilt. In 2007 we moved to Washington state (Port Townsend) to work for the Navy as civilians.

We went to the Port Townsend Film Festival and saw Mississippi Son. It brought back so many memories!!!!!!!! We actually saw a friend of ours, Haden from Gulfport, in your film. We were really surprised. The film touched me in such a way that afterward, I had to step outside and cry. This was the first time since Katrina that I could actually could not stop. I am 52, a male and a former US Marine. Not much touches me. Your film did. Having spent most of my life on the coast, your film brought back many memories.

Alicia and I felt that we left and still had unfinished business back in Mississippi. We felt like we abandoned our neighbors. In 2008, we both felt we needed to come home. With the blessing of God, we found jobs back in Mississippi and we returned. We now live back in Pass Christian and are back helping our retired neighbors and active in our church.

Your film was a true blessing for us while in Port Townsend, WA. Thank you and God Bless.

Kim in Pass Christian


I received your DVD yesterday, and immediately put that puppy in for my wife and I to watch. At a good time, too, because I have just bought a 37" HDTV. We cried so much watching that DVD! In a word: EXCELLENT!!! I am going to pass the word at work, and to all I can about the wonder of your film. You have captured more emotion and feeling in your film, than any other production about Katrina that I have seen. Your film even blows away the 2 DVD's that WLOX-TV put out. I am so happy I purchased this most excellent DVD!

Taylor in Gulfport


Mississippi son...above and beyond excellent. Joe and I watched it again last night. I plan to donate copies to local libraries here (and fill my own!). Love, peace, and hugs for all you have been through these past two years.

The music in Mississippi Son kicks A**!!

Cindy in Bay St. Louis


I received the movie today. Thank you SO much. It's phenomenal work and you are to be commended. For my wife and I, it brought back many vivid memories of our time there. The description given by the musician in the "360 Wrong" segment is the best example I've heard of what working in the aftermath was like....You've done a good thing, Don. It helped me more than you can know.

Warren in Georgia



Thank you SO mush for sending the film , it is so powerful.....It is also a great tribute to Debbie Stanbro.

Mary in Santa Barbara



I did want to pass along to you my compliments on the film. Having known Kim, and Bill, and Debbie since I was 15 brought it so close to my heart, and as I told Kim and Bill...I
could feel them through their music in the film. I have watched videos on Katrina, and have looked at the many publications that have been put out since the storm...but your film is so much more powerful. The people that you chose to interview were great - so genuine.

Amy in Pensacola



I finally watched...Mississippi Son yesterday. Sorry for the delay, but my work has been so hectic lately. I want to purchase 3 more DVD’s so I can give one to Angel, Hugh and my parents. It is truly a great film! This is something our grandchildren can show their grandchildren, etc… I appreciate you taking the time to do this for us, Mississippi and all the Katrina victims. I am so happy to see that Mississippi has not been forgotten and has finally been recognized as the worst hit by this disaster (not New Orleans). Although it saddened me greatly, it was good to see Hayden, Tim, Debbie and the others. Debbie was really a beautiful lady who was aging gracefully. What a waste and great sadness, but your film talks about the depression and inability for some people to cope and I guess Debbie was one of those people. She is at peace now. Thank you for dedicating this film to her!

Florence in Atlanta

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